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If you need legal forms you have a couple of options.
The most straight forward way would be to seek the services of a legal office, you go there in person, tell them what you need and depending on your luck they'll have a form for you right there or they might have to draft you one, in either case you pay and you have your form.

A much simpler way would be to find a prewritten, generic form to adapt to your need, this is very possible, after all the net is a giant repository of documents.

There are many so called "packages" of prewritten, generic forms on the net, you simply need a Paypal account and the ability to follow simple paying and downloading instructions.

This is called a "digital purchase", in other words you are purchasing bytes. The benefit of this is that you can have your forms in the middle of the night, or during the week-end and the money you spend should be very little, this material is usually very generic but it could easily be a starting point for a document that you can expand on yourself.

If you have time you could also spend time researching laws about legal documents in your location, while researching you are bound to find real life examples of the documents you might be looking for, this is the cheapest option you have but the most time consuming.

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